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North Country Vaccine Point of Dispensing (POD)

With approval from the New York State Department of Health, Carthage Area Hospital, Jefferson Community College, Jefferson County Public Health Service, North Country Family Health Center, River Hospital, Samaritan Medical Center and the Volunteer Transportation Center will work collaboratively to administer the COVID-19 vaccine at a Point of Dispensing (POD) clinic at Jefferson Community College.

Once vaccine availability is secured, appointments will made online and a phone number will be provided to assist those who are not able to make an appointment online.

Please visit for more information. 

  • Safety Measures

    As River Hospital prepares to meet the needs of our community, the public is encouraged to take the necessary precautions to limit the exposure of the virus. COVID-19 is mainly spread person to person, by close proximity – within 6 feet of an infected person – or possibly by touching contaminated objects or surfaces and then touching your face.

    Recommendations include:

    • Avoiding close contact with people who are ill.
    • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water or alcohol sanitizer if soap and water is not available.
    • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands, cover coughs and sneezes.
    • Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables and handrails regularly.

    Stay home if you are feeling sick or if you have a sick family member in the home

    You can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by knowing the signs and symptoms:

    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath

    Seek medical advice if you develop symptoms and have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, or live in or have recently traveled from an area with the ongoing spread of the virus.

    Call ahead before you go the doctor’s office or emergency room.  Make sure to tell them about your recent travel and your symptoms.

    RH safety social ad June 2020

  • Visitation and Screening Guidelines

    Beginning Thursday August 26,2021, River Hospital will be allowing one scheduled visitor per day 18 years of age or older to visit patients on the Acute/Swing Bed Unit, and in the Ambulatory Surgery Unit by prior arrangement with Nursing Staff. Additionally, persons presenting to the Medical Office Building or Hospital for Emergency Services, or a scheduled appointment with a Provider, Laboratory or Radiology or Respiratory Services may be accompanied by one support person. This support person will be considered a visitor and must provide a name and contact information upon entry.

    All visitors will be screened for temperatures and COVID19-related symptoms and issued masks and appropriate personal protective equipment as determined by the facility based upon CDC Guidelines and the Department of Health Recommendations.  Education for visitors on appropriate hand hygiene and mask wearing will be provided.

    Visitors must enter the facility using the main hospital and MOB entrance. Screener will be provided a list of scheduled visitors each day. Screener will call Acute/Swing Bed Unit to notify staff of visitor arrival.  Visitor will only be permitted to go directly to the nurses’ station to sign in prior to entering the patient’s room. Visitor must stay in the patient’s room and wear their mask the entire visit. After the visit, they will sign out at the nurses’ station, and then directly leave the hospital.

    A log of visitors will be maintained with the Patient Access Staff at the front entrance of the Hospital and Medical Office Building. ED visitor times will be logged by the screener. Acute/Swing Bed Unit and ASU visitor times will be logged on their respective units.

    To ensure the safety of our patients, staff and visitors, River Hospital will ensure that:

    • All visitors must be greater than 18 years of age except in rare exceptions as determined by the hospital.
    • Acute/Swing Bed visits must be scheduled and are limited to four hours per day per patient.  These hours may be decreased depending on the patient’s status and condition. The total time for a visit cannot exceed the four-hour maximum, unless otherwise authorized by the hospital.
    • Visitors are limited to one person at a time unless at hospital’s discretion a limited number of additional persons are determined to be appropriate to allow at the bedside.
    • Once in the facility, visitors must remain in the patient’s room throughout the visit except when directed by hospital staff to leave during aerosol-generating procedures or other procedures during which visitors are usually asked to leave.
    • Patients undergoing same day procedures may be accompanied to the facility by a companion and that companion may remain with the patient through the initial intake process; and may rejoin the patient for the discharge process. These visitors will be logged in and out on a log kept by ASU staff.
    • Visitors may not be present during procedures and recovery room except for pediatrics, childbirth, and patients with an intellectual, developmental, or other cognitive disability.
    • Visitors must wearappropriate personal protective equipment as recommended by the Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Visitors who fail to wear a face mask and other PPE will be asked to leave the facility.

    Exceptions are still in effect from the initial guidance issued by the Department of Health to permit patient support persons at the patient bedside for:

    • Patients in labor, delivery, and the remainder of the patients’ admission.
    • Pediatric patients.
    • Patients for whom a support person has been determined to be essential to the care of the patient (medically necessary) including patients with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and patients with cognitive impairments including dementia.
    • Patients in immediate end-of-life situations.
  • Testing

    With the increase in COVID cases within our county it is important that we at River Hospital, as well as other facilities, are able to dedicate our staff and resources to care for those that present to our Emergency Department that are ill, seeking urgent and emergent medical care.

    Please utilize Emergency Departments for when you are feeling ill or need medical care, allowing Emergency Department staff to provide you and your loved ones with quality, compassionate and emergency care. All patients will be evaluated and treated according to their severity of illness, which may increase the wait, and we ask for your understanding in this.

    River Hospital is not a COVID testing site for persons that do not have symptoms, or need testing to return to work or school, or for travel. Please follow the link below to find sites available to provide this type of testing:

    River Hospital offers Covid testing with a provider order.  Our PCR test is sent out with results received in 3-5 days. Please call 315-482-1156 to schedule an appointment.

    If you are experiencing non-emergent symptoms and would like to be seen, we encourage you to schedule an appt with convenient care M-F 8a-6p or Saturday from 9am-3pm by calling 315-482-1125. 

    If you are having symptoms, we ask that you call ahead from your vehicle prior to entering Convenient Care 315-482-1125 or the Emergency Department 315-482-2511. A nurse will put proper precautions in place and instruct you where to enter the facility.

  • Billing and Insurance

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, River Hospital remains sensitive to our community’s needs. We will be offering multiple solutions to assist our patients with balances by offering extended time to pay, hardship contracts and additional Financial Counseling resources during this time. Please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

    Additionally, we remind all of our patients of the existing order issued by NYS Governor Cuomo mandating that insurance companies cannot apply any patient cost sharing for telehealth services received during the Public Health Emergency. Please click the link below for more information.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine

    River Hospital is following guidance from New York State Department of Health and has worked diligently to vaccinate our frontline health care workers and eligible community partners. We are proud to be a part of such an essential process and to be working side by side with our North Country partners toward a common goal.

    New York State is determining who gets vaccinated and when, based on a priority rollout approach. Additional New Yorkers will become eligible as the vaccine supply increases. While the vaccination process is underway, every New Yorker should wear a mask, social distance and avoid small and large gatherings.

    Information on the Phased Distribution of the Vaccine can be found here

    Please check this webpage regularly for updates on vaccine distribution at local hospitals, pharmacies, and other community locations.  

    To determine your eligibility and schedule an appointment:

    To see if you are currently eligible to get the vaccine and schedule appointments at New York State run vaccination sites, visit You can also call the New York State COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline at 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829).

    A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. 

    Now that COVID-19 vaccines are available, it’s understandable that some people may be concerned about getting vaccinated. Rest assured, the vaccine is safe, effective and your best protection from COVID-19 — along with wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet away from others, avoiding crowds, and washing your hands often.

    Visit the Center for Disease Control or New York State Department of Health to learn more about the vaccine.  

    Other local partners:

    Carthage Area Hospital 

    Samaritan Medical Center

    Kinney Drugs

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