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River Hospital is here to get you back to what you love. If something is coming between you and the activities you enjoy most, our team is ready to help.

Our highly skilled primary care providers, physical therapists and orthopedic specialists work as a team to offer a variety of services, inlcuding: treatment for nagging shoulder pain, sports injury rehabilitation and Carpal Tunnel surgery. You can count on our providers to work together to get you back to what you love. 


At River Hospital, we know that what really matters isn't just fixing a shoulder or a wrist - it's about getting back to the life you love as quickly as possible.  Our providers put your goals first and work with you to help achieve them.

Our highly skilled primary care providers, physical therapists and orthopedic specialists work as a team to priovide treatment for nagging shoulder pain to Carpal Tunnel surgery. Each provider offers a patient-centered integrated approach to care, while working together to get you back to what you love. 

Jacqualine's Story:

Jacqualine has always been active and didn't let much slow her down. But after several years of hand and wrist pain that stopped her from being able to enjoy all those activities including cooking with her family, she finally made an appointment with her primary care provider at River Family Health Center. After an examination, Jacqualine was referred to Dr. Michael Zahn, Orthopedic Specialist, at River Hospital. 

Jacqualine had a classic case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was quickly scheduled for a procedure in the Ambulatory Surgery Unit at River Hospital that would provide much needed relief. After a few weeks of recovery time, Jacqualine found herself back in the kitchen, cooking with her family, doing what she loved!


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River Family Health Center: Nicole Coates, FNP-C, Meredith Lizotte, FNP-C and Meredith Lastra, RPA-C

Physical Therapy: Richard Kilpatrick, PTA, Andrea Janaro, PTA, Jodey McAvoy, DPT, Tara Amato, MS PT ATC, Gabriella Haycock, DPT and Emily Chase, MS PT

Orthopedics: Martin Stewart, RPA-C and Micahel Zahn, MD

Accessible by boat and car, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality inpatient care, emergency services and outpatient services for routine and diagnostic testing. River Family Health Center offers a variety of primary care services, on premise, for the entire family. Our Ambulatory Surgical Unit offers same day surgery on an outpatient basis for a number of specialties. River Hospital Convenient Care offers same day non-emergency appointments

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