Community Service Plan

The New York State Public Health Law require applicable facilities to submit a comprehensive 3-year plan. The plan should describe the collaboration between hospitals, their respective Local Health Departments, and other health and community organizations in identifying and addressing public health priorities in their respective communities. The collaborative activities will help hospitals fulfill the requirement of the Community Needs Assessment of the Affordable Care Act.

The link to River Hospital's Community Service Plan and Three Year plan can be found here

December 2017 Community Service Plan Update:

Interventions selected for River Hospital Community Service Plan, in cooperation with other health agencies in Jefferson County, have a focus on preventing chronic disease and promote mental health and substance abuse.

Promote Chronic Disease:

Efforts at River Hospital toward this intervention include the following:

  • Establishing Care Manager and Health Home activities to educate pediatric and adult patients regarding obesity and exercise; Provide a more detailed summary of visit; Patient referrals to diabetes prevention programs by primary care providers; Daily review of inpatient and Emergency discharges to arrange for follow up and transitional care appointments
  • Discuss life style modifications to improve risks of chronic diseases
  • Acquisition of RetinaVue camera to be used for diabetic eye exams to test for diabetic retinopathy in River Family Health Center; patients will be referred to specialist if the test is positive
  • Actively engage patients with onsite facilitated enrollment to connect patients with insurers
  • Community outreach and appropriate health screening
  • Actively engage patients with onsite facilitated enrollment to connect patients with insurers

Favorable outcomes from these interventions have resulted in life style changes which have contributed to improved health without relying soley on medications; Increased opportunities to provide education about health & wellness and Chronic Disease education to a broader population; and Improved adherence to medication and care plans. However, there are still challenges to work toward overcoming. Challenges include lack of patient participation; Shortage of chronic disease educators; and Maintaining consistency in lifestyle modifications for patients.

Promote Mental Health and Substance Abuse:

Efforts at River Hospital toward this intervention include the following:

  • Additional psychiatric provider to help reduce the wait time for services and improve access for clients currently;
  • Referral process has been streamlined, which has significantly reduced wait times for appointment times
  • Mass mailing to family practice providers, pediatricians, and schools in the area at the beginning of 2016 to inform them of the services offered
  • Visits to both Veteran Administration Clinics in Watertown to discuss services offered. A Veteran’s Services Meeting was held at JCC with members from several agencies. Mailings went out to all Veterans referred to RCWP. VA Staff members were given brochure information on the IOP to share with Veterans.
  • Behavioral Health staff working with Health Center staff to inform on the services and admission criteria for mental health services, in addition to improved communications for referring patients
  • Referral processes have been streamlined, which has significantly reduced wait times for appointments

Favorable results of these intervention activities include increased access to behavioral health care; Continued support from Upstate Medical University for telepsych services; Improved communication with Veterans Administration to work through challenges in referral and billing processes. Challenges to work through include shortage of behavioral health professionals and patient participation in their care.

River Hospital continues to work with other health care entities in the region to promote and provide access to quality health care in this rural area. The activities and services offered to the communities served by River Hospital are much broader than what is included in the interventions identified in this Community Service Plan update. For more information on the inpatient, outpatient, primary care, specialty and surgical services offered at River Hospital please contact us.

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