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River Hospital and Upstate Medical University Leadership Meet to Discuss Affiliation

Leadership from River Hospital in Alexandria Bay and Upstate Medical University in Syracuse met recently to tour River Hospital’s newly renovated facility and to discuss the advancement of their formal clinical affiliation agreement, signed in April.  The agreement is designed to strengthen patient services and to share best practices and does not represent an acquisition or merger.

Each institution will continue to operate as an independent, separately licensed community-based hospital and maintain its existing board governance structure. Additionally, each partner will continue singular responsibility for assets, operations, liabilities and budget.

“River Hospital is a wonderful partner to have in the North County,” said Upstate University Hospital CEO Robert Corona, DO, MBA. “Our work together will be aimed at building on our resources, services and programs to benefit the patients in this region.”

River Hospital and Upstate Medical University have been working collaboratively to enhance service delivery in the North Country since 2010.  This relationship has proven essential to River Hospital’s expansion of a wide array of specialty care and telehealth resources for the North Country community.

“River Hospital was thrilled to welcome Upstate to our campus,” said River Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Emily Mastaler, MA, MBA. “Expanding this partnership will most certainly advance our collective efforts toward sustainable, community based healthcare for those in our local communities”.

The Leadership Teams are looking forward to making future announcements regarding the manner in which this partnership will advance healthcare delivery in the North Country.  River Hospital is also a member of the North Star Health Alliance with Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center.

River Upstate photo 10.2020

Pictured left to right: Dr. Luis Nejico, Chair of the Board of Faculty Practice Plan, UUMAS; Emily Mastaler, MA, MBA, CEO of River Hospital, Susan Furtney, Strategy Officer of Upstate University Hospital and Dr. Robert Corona, CEO of Upstate University Hospital.

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